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Imagine finally feeling in control

Living with a chronic condition is hard. There's no doubting that. And many would say that it takes a strong personality to deal with such a condition day in, day out without breaking.
I believe that they key to living with a chronic condition is to keep on top of your mental health, build resilience, and adapt.
This workbook guides you through some of the cornerstones of mental health so that you can build resilience, and cope with whatever life throws at you!

Are you fed up with...
❌️ Feeling out of control?
❌️ Your emotions getting the better of you?
❌️ Feeling like there's no light at the end of the tunnel?
❌️ Wishing you didn't feel so crappy all the time?
I have the perfect workbook to help you feel more in control, calmer & more centred, and better able to cope when life throws you a curve ball! 
📌 Inside the worlbook there are exercises on 📌
👉🏻 Thought awareness
👉🏻 Letting it go
👉🏻 Cognitive restructuring
👉🏻 Stopping unrealistic worry
👉🏻 Self-compassion
👉🏻 Visualization
👉🏻 Focusing on the bright side
👉🏻 Self-assessment
👉🏻 Wellness tracker
👉🏻 Understanding your problems
👉🏻 and much more!
You will get a PDF (7MB) file

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