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The Facebook Triangle and Why you Should be Using it!
So you've decided you want to start a business on Facebook! Congratulations! Now what? Well you need to promote it, sure. You need to build an audience, absolutely!You need to make sales, Definitely! that's the whole point, right? So what i...
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Why you should be using your personal Facebook profile as part of your marketing strategy
If you're not using your Facebook Personal Profile as part of your Facebook Triangle, then you're missing a trick! According to Search Engine Journal, there are over 2.9 billion active Facebook users globally! And two thirds of those users visiting l...
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Top Tips for Managing your Time
Managing your time effectively is something that becomes essential when you're starting or trying to grow your business using social media! It's so easy to get sucked into the scroll hole isn't it! You open your phone to do some networking or post on...
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